This is a wholesome swap-meet style activity with the purpose of helping club members ‘freshen up’ their hangars.

Artists rendering of RC aircraft and equipment for sale. Note the lack of tables. If it’s rainy, bring your own pop-up canopy.

Members are invited to bring out stuff they want to sell or give away and put it out ‘on a blanket’ behind the pit lines at Poplar Ford Field between 9am and 12pm.

These are being timed to coincide with the Streamer Combat Skirmish dates, so bring something to fly, join in some combat, or just hang out and watch.

These are for club members only – not for the general public – and the club is not selling anything for you.

The club is also not assessing any fees or providing any financial transaction support for activities between members. So bring your check book or get a PayPal account setup ahead of time!

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