We have exciting news… The county has decided to preform some forestry work at Poplar Ford and this work will dramatically improve the approach from the right (North East).  A large grove of cedars and olives will be cleared.  Below is an excerpt of the notice we received from the county and an aerial image of the area to be cleared.  

Obviously we will all benefit immensely from the clearing of this area, so we want to be as accommodating to the county forestry workers as possible.   We know they will be working onsite the next few Friday/Saturdays (Starting 12/16).  While they are working onsite there is to be NO FLYING!  Obviously this will be a small inconvenience in the short term, but the improvement to our airfield will be well worth it.

As additional details become available we will share them here, as well as via email.  

Thank you for your cooperation!  

From the county:

Hi All,
I just wanted to let you know that everything is ready and the work to cut the cedars/ olive at Poplar Ford will commence this Friday. The work crews will typically be working on Fridays and Saturdays because of their other contract schedules. I’m not sure how many weeks they will need to work, but I suspect it will be about 3-4 weeks, with possible delays from weather and holidays. I’ll put up an “ecological restoration” sign near the work area in case members of the public wonder what is going on. I have flagged the perimeter of the entire work area with orange flagging and below is an aerial of the work site.