In order to fly at Poplar Ford Park without an instructor, members must pass the pilot qualification.

Pilot Qualification Requirements 2016
“Blue”  Transmitter band”

Does your RC Transmitter have a BLUE or ORANGE  band on it?  Are you a Qualified flyer or an NVRC member?  Have you passed the NVRC flight test to fly solo?

Our “colored band” on your radio easily identifies NVRC members that are qualified pilots and non-qualified pilots.   If your transmitter has a BLUE BAND on it then you are an active NVRC member and are qualified to fly solo.  If your transmitter has an ORANGE BAND on it you are an NVRC member but are not yet qualified to fly solo.  If your transmitter does not have a BAND on it you need to confirm with the Treasurer your current NVRC status and obtain the correct band.

As members interested in SAFETY, we should all be observant of the BLUE and ORANGE transmitter bands.  If you see a member flying who does not have a BLUE on their transmitter or NO BAND at all,  you are obligated to ask them if they need assistance.

To obtain a BLUE BAND you must pass the NVRC flight test. The test consists of the following criteria:

  • You must have a current AMA license and be a Club member in good standing.
  • You must be recommended for qualification flight by your current instructor.
  • You must know all Club by-laws, AMA, and Club safety rules.
  • You need to complete a preflight safety inspection, start engine and taxi aircraft safely to the runway, unassisted.
  • You need to demonstrate a satisfactory takeoff and climb out.
  • You need to execute a 180-degree turn away from the flight line after climb out and demonstrate control of a straight-line fly-by.

Perform, on request of the flight instructor:

  • A flat horizontal figure-eight in both directions.
  • A satisfactory inside loop while maintaining correct altitude and direction.

Two satisfactory Immelmann turns:

  • One going away from pilot
  • One coming toward pilot
  • Stall the aircraft and recover satisfactorily.
  • Satisfactory left and right fly-by approaches.
  • Climb to altitude of 200 ft or more.  Flight Instructor will cut throttle to idle without warning to simulate a dead stick condition. Pilot must call out “dead stick” and  land the aircraft on the runway satisfactorily without increasing throttle.

Any two NVRC qualified flyers can administer the flight test. After completion you can notify the NVRC Treasurer and he will provide you with a BLUE BAND for your transmitter.