What? Build a Telemaster Balsa Kit of any size  (36”, 45”, 72”, 144”)

Who? 9 of you already – come join in!!

Where? In your workshop! Find us before Club Meetings and Show & Tell every month too!

When? Start now! Finish when done. Maybe in time for May 17, 2018 Display/Build contest? Maybe in time for the Toys for Tots Fun Fly. That’s OK!

Why? Learn, Have Fun & Dominate the Build Contest & Fun Flys this summer!

Want More Info? Contact Jonathan.Pruett@gmail.com

What about the ‘Bash’ you ask?

If you’re already an experienced builder, try some of these mods to the kit…

Make it easier to operate and more durable

– Add ailerons

– Added spars or joiner & Bolt on Wing

– Flush mount servo hatches

– Bottom or side battery hatch

– Wing braces or cabanes

Make it a STOL (Short Take Off & Landing)

– Flaps (Fowlers, split, or drop)

– Extended drooped wing tips

– Droop leading edge

– Stall Fences

Change how it looks and lands

– Tail Reshaping

– Tail dragger w/ steerable tail wheel

– Tricycle gear w/ steerable wheel

– Reinforced landing gear plates

– Night lighting or Navigation lights

– Wheel pants, Floats, Skis


Get downright crazy!

– Retractable landing gear

– Attach an FPV pod

– Autonomous Flight via iNav or PixHawk

– Twin engines

– Twin fuselages

We want to see what you create!!