Club Bylaws




The Northern Virginia Radio Control Club, Inc (NVRC) is chartered by the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) as Club #636. It is also incorporated as a non-profit organization under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia and section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code.


No part of the net earnings or assets of NVRC shall inure to the benefit of, or be distributable to its members, officers, or other private persons, except that NVRC shall be authorized and empowered to pay reasonable compensation for services rendered and to make payments as deemed necessary.  NVRC will not carry on other activities not permitted by a corporation exempt from Federal Income Tax under Section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code. Upon dissolution of the corporation, assets shall be distributed for one or more exempt purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code, or shall be distributed to the Federal Government or to the State or Local Government, for a public purpose.


Poplar Ford Park Radio-Controlled Model Aircraft Flying Site

6704 Bull Run Post Office Road

Chantilly, VA


The club is established to provide the facilities and foster the interchange of information for its members to enjoy and further their skills in building and flying Radio Controlled Model Aircraft.


Memberships are issued on a calendar year basis.  The classes of membership are Active, Honorary, and Absentee.
1. An active member shall hold a valid AMA membership and satisfy all club requirements.  Active member category is based on an applicant’s age at the beginning of a calendar year or, for new members, an applicant’s age when a membership application is submitted.  The categories of active members are Senior, Junior, Open, and Life.

a. Senior members must be at least 65 years old and are voting members.

b. Junior members are 18 years old or younger and are not voting members.

c. Open members are between 19 and 64 years old and are voting members.

d. Life membership is a special category that recognizes a member who has served the club for a number of years as an officer, trainer, contest director, volunteer, or in some other distinguished manner.  Any member can be nominated by one or more active members for Life Membership.  Nominations must be sent in writing to the Board of Directors (Board).  If the Board approves the nomination, the Board will then poll all active members, except the nominee(s).  A two-thirds (2/3) majority or returned ballots is required to approve a Life Membership.  The Board will bestow approved Life Memberships at the next club meeting.  If the Board does not approve the nomination the Board will reply to the nominator(s) with the reason(s) the nomination was not approved.

2. Honorary membership is a special non-voting category that recognizes a non-member who has helped the club in some special way.  The club may elect up to two (2) honorary members each calendar year. Honorary Members shall be nominated in writing to the Board.  Upon approval by a majority of Board members, each nomination must then be voted on at a regular meeting and be approved by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the active voting members present. Generally, honorary members shall be selected on the basis of service they have performed on the behalf of NVRC. To be an active member, an honorary member must also meet the requirements of Article III Section A1.

3. An absentee member is an active member temporarily absent for reasons sufficiently beyond his/her control. He/she shall enjoy continued membership without paying dues until his/her return. Absentee memberships shall be requested from and be approved by the Board.


The following documents will be made available to all members in hard copy and/or on the NVRC website:

1. NVRC Bylaws.

2. Field Rules.

3. Dues Requirements.

4. Membership Roster.

5. NVRC Pilot Training and Qualification Guide.

6. Grievance Procedure.


1. Dues levels for all club members shall be available on the club’s web site in order to make this information available to members at any time.

2. Dues levels shall be set by the Board and approved by a majority vote of the active voting members present at a meeting, provided the proposed levels have been read at the previous meeting.

3. Changes to dues levels will not require a Bylaws amendment.

4. Life Members and Honorary Members are not required to pay NVRC membership dues.


1. Pilots must be AMA members in any category except the “Park Pilot Program”.  Additionally, they must be either an NVRC member or an accompanied guest of a NVRC member. Guest pilots may fly up to three visits in a calendar year before being required to join the club.  A club board member may make an exception for special circumstances.

2. New club members will qualify for unsupervised flight status in accordance with the current NVRC Pilot Training and Qualification Guide. A GREEN tag applied to your radio indicates a qualified flier.  An ORANGE tag indicates a non-qualified pilot that needs assistance when flying.

3. All pilots must comply with the NVRC Field Rules that are posted at NVRC flying field(s) and on the NVRC website.


Any member in good standing may resign his/her membership by giving written notice to the Club.


Club membership and/or Field privileges may be terminated and/or discipline administered for cause.  Violations of the provisions of these Bylaws or any rule or agreement adopted by NVRC, or any conduct prejudicial to NVRC interests shall be considered sufficient cause.

1. If any member ceases to maintain the qualifications required for membership in the AMA or NVRC, his/her NVRC membership shall thereby terminate.  Reinstatement is subject to restoration of eligibility.

2. All members must comply with the NVRC Bylaws, the NVRC Field Rules, and AMA rules, and members must not willfully commit any acts of commission or omission which can be considered detrimental to NVRC, to the AMA, or to model aviation.  Members who violate these are subject to termination of membership or expulsion from NVRC.

3. Terminated members may be reinstated to full club membership by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the membership present at a club meeting. Expelled members will not be reinstated to club membership.

4. Any disciplinary actions taken will be handled according the NVRC Grievance Procedures that will be posted on the NVRC website.

5. By unanimous vote, the Board of Directors shall have full authority to impose any disciplinary action, including termination or expulsion, on any member for actions that the Board believes jeopardizes the viability of the club.


A Board of Directors (Board), representing the general membership, will formulate operating policy.

1. General Powers of the Board.

a) In accordance with Section 13.1-853 of the Code of Virginia, as amended, the Board shall have exclusive and full control and management of the affairs, business and property of the Corporation.

b) The Board shall appoint a registered agent as required by the Code of Virginia to provide a single point of contact between the club and Officials of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

2. Number, Election, and Term of Directors.

a) There shall be at least one (1) and not more than eight (8) Directors on the Board.

b) The Directors shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of Members by majority vote of the active voting members. The  Board shall be composed of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and when possible, two (2) active past presidents who have most recently held office as president and are willing to serve, and when possible, one (1) or more other active club members who are willing to serve.

c) Each Director shall serve for a term of one (1) year or until his/her successor has been duly elected and has been qualified, unless he or she sooner dies, resigns or is removed. Only active voting members may serve on the Board.

3. Removal of Directors

Except as otherwise provided herein, any Director may be removed, subject to majority vote of the active voting members, with or without cause, at a Special Meeting of the Members called especially for that purpose.

4. Resignation of Directors

A director may resign at any time by notifying the President, Vice President or Secretary.

5. Meetings of the Board

a) An annual Board Meeting will be held in January to plan the events and budget for that year.

b) Regular Board Meetings will be held as necessary to carry out its duties.  These meetings may be just before or just after regular membership meetings, or as is otherwise convenient for the members of the Board.

6. Quorum

Two-thirds (2/3) of the Board members must be present at a meeting to constitute a quorum.

7. Meeting minutes.

The Secretary or a designee (in his/her absence) shall record minutes for Board meetings.  Minutes may be distributed to club members, but care must be taken that sensitive club information is distributed only on a need to know basis.


The active voting members of the club shall elect a President, Vice President and Secretary.  Should an elective office be vacated for any reason prior to the completion of an officer’s term, the Board may appoint a qualified NVRC member to fill the remaining term of that office.

1. Election.

The club shall yearly elect a President, a Vice President, and a Secretary who may succeed themselves in the same office one time (i.e., maximum two consecutive years in the same office).

2. Duties of the President

a) Preside at all Board and General Membership meetings.

b) Act as spokesperson for the Club.

c) Appoint Chairmen of all Committees subject to Board approval.

d) As Chairman of the Board, assure a quorum of voting members of the Board is present for any requisite vote, and be responsible for proxies.

e) Authorize emergency or special expenditures subject to established limits.

f) Nominate qualified NVRC members to fill remaining terms of vacated Officer or Board positions.

3. Duties of the Vice President

a) Preside in the absence of the president.

b)  Act as chairman of the flying site committee, which may include three (3) active members appointed by him. The committee is responsible for maintenance of the flying site.

c)  Nominate qualified NVRC members to fill remaining terms of vacated Officer or Board positions.

4. Duties of the Secretary

a) Maintain the master copy of club bylaws.

b) Maintain the master copy of Field Rules and provide those to the Web master for posting on the NVRC website.

c) Keep the minutes of all Board and Member Meetings.

d) Be the official Club Correspondent.

e) Maintain a file of Club correspondence.

f) Nominate qualified NVRC members to fill remaining terms of vacated Officer or Board positions.


The Board shall appoint a Treasurer and a Web Master (Information Technology Officer). These officers will serve until they resign or are removed from office by a majority vote of the Board.

1. Duties of the Treasurer

a) Collect all monies due, disburse monies, and keep accurate records of all financial transactions.

b) Present a complete report of all financial transactions at Board Meetings, and provide a brief financial report to the members at each monthly membership meeting.

c) Submit annually to the Board or to the Board’s representatives the NVRC books of accounts for audit.

d) Upon his/her retirement from office, he/she shall turn over to his/her successor or to the President all funds, books of accounts or any other Club property in his/her possession.

e) Maintain all Club funds in Club accounts, certificates of deposit, or cash, as approved by the Board.

f) Maintain a file of club insurance records, Corporate Charter, etc.

g) File and maintain all requisite reports pertinent to retaining Charter Membership in the AMA.

h) Obtain signature of the President or Vice President for expenditures exceeding  $5,000.00.

i) Keep a record of all Members in good standing.

2. Duties of the Web Master:

a) Maintain and secure the Club web site.

b) Maintain an email address list of Club members.

c) Create an electronic archive of important Club records such as email lists, bylaws, rules, qualification guidelines, and other important documents that will facilitate the operation of the club and the development of historical records.

3. Additional appointed officers may include, but are not limited to, the following, who will serve annual terms and may succeed themselves in office without limit.

a) Safety officer

b) Committee chairman

c) Program chairman

d) Newsletter editor


The Board shall make appointments, subject to membership approval, to fill un-expired terms of any elected officers or Board members who are unable to fulfill their duties for any reason.  Membership approval shall be by simple majority vote at the next membership meeting. 



1. Annual General Meeting:  An Annual General Meeting (AGM) of this Club shall be held in November each year, or at such other time as the Board shall direct, at a time and place of which all members have been notified. The annual meeting shall be the meeting at which the election of President, Vice President, and Secretary shall take place.

2. Monthly Meetings:  The time and place of regular club meetings shall be established by the members and will be announced on the Club web site and/or by email distribution.  Due notice of any changes in, or canceling of, a monthly meeting shall be given to all members.

3. Annual Banquet:  The NVRC Annual Banquet, normally held in December, shall be the last monthly meeting of, and is normally the last official function for, the club year.  Club officers for the following year shall officially take office at the annual banquet.


The lesser of two-thirds (2/3) of the Board or twelve NVRC members shall constitute a quorum for NVRC meetings.  Absentee ballots shall be included in the quorum count for the meeting.


Roberts Rules of Order shall govern the conduct of all club meetings.


The President may convene special meetings in order to cover emergent items, such as subjects that must be resolved prior to the next regular meeting.


A. Club Records and Documents shall consist of:

1. Club Bylaws.

2. Membership List.

3. Financial records.

4. Meeting minutes.

5. Field Rules.

6. Qualification Manual.

7. Official Club letters.

8. Field Flying Record.

9. Newsletter.

10. Grievance Procedures.

B. All records will be passed on to new officers after new officers are elected.

C. The following records shall be made part of the Club Web Site archive so that they may be available to all members at any time:

1. Club calendar of activities and meetings.

2. Club Bylaws.

3. Meeting minutes.

4. Field Rules and Operating Procedures.

5. Qualification Manual.

6. Newsletter.

7. Grievance Procedures.


The President may designate the formulation of committees as necessary to provide support for any club activity or requirement.



1. Nomination of club officers shall normally be made at the monthly membership meeting in October.

2. The Board shall present a slate of nominees at the meeting immediately preceding the meeting at which the election is to be held.  At that time nominations shall also be accepted from the general membership.  These may be made from the floor or they may be submitted by mail to the Board.  Nominations will be accepted until elections are held.


1. Elections will be held at the monthly membership meeting in November.

2. Elections shall be by secret ballot when more than one nomination has been accepted and shall be determined by a majority of the active voting members present and voting.

A. The Board shall publish Field Rules to provide guidelines for safe and proper conduct and controlled flying at NVRC flying sites. All Club members and guests will be bound by these rules. Violation of these rules can constitute grounds for termination of membership.  Such rules shall be posted on the field bulletin board and archived on the NVRC web site.

B. Operations will be conducted in accordance with current Field Rules.  These rules may be updated at any club meeting by majority vote of qualified pilots present. The club secretary will record, date and initial flying site rules approved by the club membership, and will maintain the master copy of Field Rules.

C. All aircraft will comply with the AMA safety code and FAA AC91-57, in particular, the requirement that all aircraft fly below approximately 400 ft and give the right of way to and avoid flying in the proximity of full scale aircraft.



1. The club shall yearly select an outstanding member who shall be accordingly honored.  A second outstanding member may be selected when circumstances warrant. Nominations shall take place at the same time club officers are nominated. The President shall appoint a special committee who shall conduct the balloting and provide a suitable award.  The ballot shall be by secret vote, and the committee will announce the winner at the annual banquet. The recipient of the outstanding member award shall enjoy a free one-year membership.

2. The club may elect up to two (2) honorary members each calendar year. Honorary Members shall be nominated in writing to the Board.  Upon approval by a majority of Board members, each nomination must then be voted on at a regular meeting by a majority of the members present. Generally, honorary members shall be selected on the basis of service they have performed on the behalf of NVRC.


January 1 – December 31


The NVRC Club Logo is the intellectual property of NVRC.


The duration of the club shall be perpetual. The club may be dissolved with the approval of two-thirds (2/3) of the membership in a formal vote.  All NVRC assets at the time of dissolution will be disposed of according to applicable laws then in effect.


A. These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of those active voting members present at a meeting, provided the proposed amendment has been read at the previous meeting.

B. The club secretary will maintain the master copy of the Bylaws. The Secretary will record, date and initial all amendments approved by the club membership. He/she shall insure that the latest Bylaws, including any amendments, will be submitted as required to the AMA, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and to the Web Master to be posted on the NVRC web site.