Outdoor Fun Fly

Multiple NVRC Fun Flys are held throughout the year (including a Winter one!) – check the Events page for upcoming dates.

These are traditional fun flys with activities like;

  • Taxi racing
  • Timed flight
  • Loops, rolls, & spins
  • Touch and go’s
  • Spot Landing
  • Bomb Drop (equipment provided)

These are laid back, fun competitions – not for sternly serious attitudes. If you are an NVRC solo qualified pilot, you can win one of these! Several times a high wing TRAINER has been the top aircraft at a fun fly! Bring a plane with landing gear and a rudder and you can join all the events.

The sign-in typically starts at 9AM with events starting at 10AM.

If you are not yet an NVRC member, bring your AMA or MAC card and a $5 landing fee to join in.

Prizes for all. So come on out and enjoy the fun!

Click Here to find the next Outdoor Fun Fly!