Multirotors at NVRC

We love Multirotors!

NVRC is more than just multirotor friendly… Our members include multi-rotor pilots who are avid about everything from aerial photography to FPV racing.

phill_multi_fpvNVRC Member Phil Foss demonstrating FPV at the Udvar Hazy center’s “Innovations in Flight” event.

NVRC Member Eric Gever’s presentation on Building an FPV multi-rotor

MultiGP_NVRC_WideMultiGP Racing

From 2016 to 2018 the NVRC MultiGP Chapter organized FPV races for the local racing community.  Those races have moved to locations in the Maryland Suburbs at this time – follow the facebook group for more current information

In our new FPV format starting December 2018, we dedicate the second Sunday of each month to FPV practice and racing at Poplar Ford Field (both multi-rotor and fixed wing).

On these FPV days, any NVRC members wishing to fly fixed wing line of sight that would be inconvenienced by race gates on the runway are welcome to use the Lorton Field – even if you do not have the normal Lorton membership transmitter band.