FPV Racing at NVRC

The NVRC MultiGP Chapter was founded by NVRC member Paul Lukas in 2016 and we’ve hosted over 40 races open to the multi-rotor racing public. 

What’s this about FPV Wing racing?

We are having a blast with FPV Wing racing! Strap on some goggles and put yourself in the “birds eye view” swinging around the trees and screaming towards the finish line, all the while weaving and dodging a bunch of your friend’s wings!

What equipment do you need? Goggles of course, and then take any flying wing – we recommend 3s or 4s power – and strap on a camera up front! The FPVWRA Spec Wings are a great platforms for this, but Zagi’s, Flite Test Mini Arrows and Versa Wings all work great too!

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In our new format starting December 2018, we are going to dedicate the second Sunday of each month to FPV practice and racing at Poplar Ford Field.

On these FPV days, all NVRC members wishing to fly fixed wing line of sight are welcome to use the Lorton Field – even if you do not have the normal Lorton membership transmitter band. 

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FPV Multi-Rotor Racing

We recommend checking out the House of Kwad Multi-GP group for scratching that multi-rotor racing itch – they organize fantastic monthly races in the DC Metro area. https://multigp.com/chapters/view/?chapter=House-of-Kwad