Flight Training Program

Group Flight Training for Members

While everyone at the field is happy to help fellow flyers, the NVRC club also provides Group Flight Training for members, with a priority for new members working towards solo pilot certification.

The training program is free for members to help get you into the air with confidence. Our instructors use club provided equipment to help you become a skilled radio control pilot – with no risk to your own plane! 

 Tony C 

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Advanced Flight Training

New in 2021 for solo-qualified pilots we will be offering Aerobatic and EDF training sessions too!  Our club is lucky to have regional, national, and world champion pattern aerobatic pilots so if you aspire to precision flying and cutting clean knife edge flights across the field, we can help get you to that level of piloting!


Tony Claridge 703-830-8963 tclaridge1@aol.com


Jon Haitsuka jonmhaitsuka@gmail.com
Bob Burnett bobburnett40@gmail.com
Kenneth Bassett
Carl Hampton

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive training at NVRC?

Answer:  An email will announce the date and time for each training session.  Training is always conducted at the Poplar Ford field on a first come, first served basis.  Training is done as a group, alternating flights between students in the order of their arrival.

What is the schedule for training?

Answer:  Due to weather and club events, we are not able to provide a set schedule for training.  However, we will send out a club email notification for each training session about two days prior to each session.  Training will typically occur on weekends in the morning.  You must be on the NVRC email distribution list to receive notifications for training.  Watch for the email announcements!

Do I have to be a member to receive training?

Answer:  Our members do receive first priority on training, however, we often provide a “first flight” using our club trainer and a buddy box for guests that have never flown before.

Do I need to have an instructor approve my solo-qualifying flight?

Answer:  Any two qualified pilots at the field can verify your solo-qualification flight.   You do not need to wait for a training session or an instructor.  Just follow the instructions in the Members Area for Pilot Qualification Process to print a sign-off sheet to take to the field, and submit a photo of the signed sheet using the website.

What equipment do I need for training?

Answer:  None!  NVRC provides the trainer and transmitters for all training.  We actually prefer you do not bring your own airplane until you have soloed.

How long will it take before I can solo?

Answer:  The time required to solo is based on the student’s ability and rate of learning.  Typically, at least six flights are required before a safe solo is possible.  If a RC flight simulator is used, time to solo will require less training flights.  We recommend the RealFlight Simulator for every student.  It is a fun and effective way to accelerate your training.

I just bought an airplane, can NVRC train me to fly it?

Answer:  Club training is restricted to club equipment only (airplanes and transmitters).  This is to assure that the equipment is functioning properly for safe operation using a buddy box.  If you are a qualified pilot with a new airplane, you can always receive help at the field from other pilots.  Our members are always willing to help new pilots (or old pilots with new airplanes).

What first airplane and transmitter should I buy to train? Answer:  We do not recommend buying any equipment until after your solo flight except a simulator.  Once you are ready to purchase your first plane, ask some club members or your instructor for recommendations.  There are many great trainer options to choose from, and the offerings frequently change and get better each year.  It is a great hobby to be in!