Poplar Ford Field Rules

1. This property is owned and operated by Fairfax County Park Authority. All pilots must be AMA members and satisfy FAA requirements. To fly solo pilots must be NVRC members who have passed the appropriate NVRC fixed or rotary wing solo-flight qualification test.
2. Only NVRC members, flyers, and escorted guests are allowed on the North side of the spectator fence. Guests will have been briefed by the member as to proper, safe behavior, and will act in a responsible manner. The guest should never be on the flight line or walking among other pit areas unsupervised or be inattentive to the hazards of the field.
3. Hours of Operation are seven days per week, 8 am until dusk.
4. All field operations must follow the AMA safety rules.
6. All members & visitors are responsible for removing their own trash.
7. All NVRC members will wear the NVRC club identification badges while at the field.
8. All flying will be done from designated pilot stations.
9. All take offs, landings, fly-bys, and touch and goes shall be called clearly for all other pilots to hear.
10. Pilots will not stand on the airfield and/or the taxiways when flying.
11. No more than four (4) aircraft shall be in the air at the same time.
12. When more than one aircraft is in the air, the flight pattern will be followed determined by the direction of the wind.
13. No 3D flying or hovering over the runway if more than one aircraft is in the air.
14. Aircraft size may not exceed 55 lbs. in weight and must have mufflers to suppress noise. All aircraft flying in the Overfly Area shall not exceed Fairfax County sound thresholds. The threshold shall be 96 dBA at 3 meters (measured with slow response off the wingtip) on hard surface and 94 dBA
on dirt/short grass.
15. For flyers using the FM band, a single red pin will be obtained (located at the flight line) on a first come, first served basis and coordinated amongst other FM flyers. An FM transmitter shall not be turned on unless the flyer has possession of the red pin. All other bands (2.4 GHz or Ham radio) do not
require pins.
16. Radios will be range checked prior to a maiden flight.
17. Helicopters, quadcopters, rotary or fixed wing aircraft will not be hovered anywhere over the runway or taxiway for more than 30 seconds before joining the aircraft flight pattern.
18. Helicopter, quadcopter, and rotary aircraft pilots practicing hovering or 3D maneuvers shall use the designated area west of the pits and south of the west-end taxiway to stay clear of the flight pattern.
19. All FPV flyers shall have a spotter per AMA safety code.
20. All Fly Aways or temporary flights outside the approved flight boundaries must be reported to Dulles ATCT and the NVRC Safety Officer.
– END –


  1. NVRC has memorandums of agreement with Fairfax County Park Authority and Dulles Air Traffic Control which allow operation of
    RC aircraft at this field. NVRC manages and maintains the site for safe operation.
  2. The official AMA National Model Aircraft Safety Code document #105 is maintained on the AMA website.
  3. The NVRC flight pattern is a rectangle parallel to the field determined by the take-off and landing direction into the wind.

    Revised 1/13/2021