Print Member Card

If you are a 2024 renewing member and don’t see your card below, that’s probably because we are still verifying your current AMA status to complete processing of your renewal. This should only take a couple days, but feel free to reach out to Rob Kaplan or Jon Pruett if it seems stuck.

There is a small printer icon in the upper right corner of the card image above that helps print just the card, not the whole webpage.

Make sure to turn on “Print Background Images” if the logo does not appear when you print your membership card.

Your trimmed / folded card should be about the size of an index card (3×5) and will fit in the clear plastic badge holders available at the field. [If it doesn’t print at a 3×5 size, change the Scale (%) option on your print settings to get it closer and let the webmaster know what computer, browser, and printer combination is giving you trouble.]

Please wear your badge at all times while at the field. We recommend a pin-on type clear plastic badge holder, or a break-away style lanyard.