Telemaster Build-n-Bash

What? Build a Telemaster Balsa Kit of any size  (36”, 45”, 72”, 144”)

Who? 9 of you already – come join in!!

Where? In your workshop! Find us before Club Meetings and Show & Tell every month too!

When? Start now! Finish when done. Bring it to the Display/Build contest? Bring it to a Fun Fly!

Why? Learn, Have Fun & Dominate the Build Contest & Fun Flys this summer!

Want More Info? Contact

What about the ‘Bash’ you ask?

If you’re already an experienced builder, try some of these mods to the kit…

Make it easier to operate and more durable

– Add ailerons

– Added spars or joiner & Bolt on Wing

– Flush mount servo hatches

– Bottom or side battery hatch

– Wing braces or cabanes

Make it a STOL (Short Take Off & Landing)

– Flaps (Fowlers, split, or drop)

– Extended drooped wing tips

– Droop leading edge

– Stall Fences

Change how it looks and lands

– Tail Reshaping

– Tail dragger w/ steerable tail wheel

– Tricycle gear w/ steerable wheel

– Reinforced landing gear plates

– Night lighting or Navigation lights

– Wheel pants, Floats, Skis

Get downright crazy!

– Retractable landing gear

– Attach an FPV pod

– Autonomous Flight via iNav or PixHawk

– Twin engines

– Twin fuselages

We want to see what you create!!