We are happy to announce the Lorton field is open!

You can send your application and Lorton dues (check or via PayPal) to Bob Freas .  Submission of the application and dues is a prerequisite to flying at Lorton (we owe the County a list of “Lorton Members” for operation per our MOA with the County).

Remember to sign in and out at the main administration building in the NVRC binder.

You must wear a reflective vest while on site at all times. Vests are available at the big home improvement stores and on Amazon for about seven dollars. We look forward to this new exciting chapter for NVRC and hope you can join us!


Mark Franke, NVRC


Lorton/Burnett Field Rules



2018 Lorton/Burnett Membership Form


You will receive an additional band for your transmitter permitting you to fly at Lorton/Burnett.

Please send a stamped, self-addressed envelope and the application form with remittance to: 
Bob Freas
8006 Chippenham Ct
Fairfax Station, VA 22039

Make check payable to NVRC:
Your AMA and NVRC membership status will be verified.


Payment by PayPal is also accepted. Send your payment to rcflyer132@aol.com and please indicate your payment is for “2018 NVRC Dues – LORTON” when making your payment.

Field Hours

Weekend flying only!  Flying from 9am to 4pm. It is OK to be onsite before 9am to prepare, but everyone must leave the field at 4pm. It is OK to come by during the week to mow so we can all stay in the air on the weekends.


Lorton field NEW

Address information is provided with your Lorton membership transmitter band when your name is added to the access list with the county. From the check-in building, put on your safety vest and follow the red line on this map to the flying field.

Field Layout

It’s a cold day at the field in this picture, but the field, parking, pavilion, pilot stations, porta-potty, and shed are all visible (and a very cold VP John Roach). Bring your own charging equipment as there is no power available onsite.